Calculate Distances

Easily calculate any distance and get the beeline as well as additional information like map, distance in km, miles and seamiles.

Worldwide Information

With the help of big databases like Google Maps and Geonames we can offer almost any location around the world. See distances from city to city or country to country.

Additional Information

For all distances you get additional information like beautiful maps and stay tuned for much more like weather and else in future!

Spotting routes with Distance Calculations

Distance calculation is very important to plot routes and calculate the most precise distance between two points. If you are a traveler, you will surely realize the essence of a distance calculator before or during the navigation So whether you are a road runner or air flyer, you should pay attention to the following details in distance calculation.

Bee line is the distance of two points on the map in relation to the actual two spots in the real world. Just for instance, 1 inch in the map is equivalent to 1 mile in the real world. In this way the essence of maps in distance calculation can be appreciated as it features the scale. The scale in the maps can be used to calculate the distance in the map which is often denoted in kilometres and miles.

Distance calculations

In order to calculate the distance, trace the scale located on your map. If it is your first time to use such stuff, the scale is usually found on the edge of the map. Find the two points and mark them point A and Point B.

Use a marker to calculate the distance to the map. Put the zero bases on the marker in point A and measure the distance to point B. By using the map scale, convert the inches measurement to miles. Just for instance one inch in the map will mean five miles in the real world.

Use a marker to measure the driving distances. You can use a string to make it movable on the map. Locate one end of the string along the route you are planning to take and trace the ends of the route.

Lastly convert the distance that you have calculated in miles. Say for instance, you obtained a measurement of 412 inches between the two points. If your map scale indicates that one inch is equivalent to five miles, multiply 412 miles with five and that is the distance.

Rout destination

You can define the distance from point A to point B with sets of way points and the via Way points. These are the transitional locations in which the air route that you want to calculate will get in through. In this way, 0 or 1 as the standard starting position for the index value which is noted by n value. There should be subsequence between the way points and via way points with an increment of one. You can specify both of the locations as a point or an address.

What are the difference between kilometers and miles?

Kilometer belongs to the imperial distance measurement while miles are part of the metric system. However, as all units are convertible, miles and kilometers can be converted. One mile is equal to 1.609 km.

So before you are off for the road or air, it’s a good thing that you are well prepared. Well preparation does not only mean you have to pack necessary things up, it also pertains to a sufficient knowledge prior to the route distance that you are taking. In this way, one of the best things that you can do to make your flight a success is to opt for distance calculations.